Our Farm

    ‘We Farm for our Health and Eat what we Farm’

In 2007 out of our love for fresh strawberries, cute baby goats and a life long passion for gardening we started a hobby farm. We started selling strawberries and garlic on a little roadside stand at the bottom of our driveway and introduced our first baby goat Jezebel to our backyard. We quickly added 2 more baby goats, Painter and Prada. Life was good. We shared our garden field with our chickens, we grew lots of produce, ate well, went on long walks with our goats and felt good. After the birth of our first child in 2008 we committed to creating a more sustainable life. Our utmost priority became having our own food. We planted trustworthy seeds in soil we created and never used sprays. We wanted to feed our daughter food we believed in from sources we were confident in and give her the best start we could provide. We began to grow more vegetables and fruit, we learned how to pressure can, we froze and canned as much as we could. Our local farmer’s market also began that year, we were asked to join as the ‘organically’ grown vegetable vendor, and so our little farm was begining to take root. In hopes of providing ourselves with our own meat and milk we took on a full herd of milking goats. No longer a hobby – we were homesteaders overnight with Stewart, a male nubian, 2 pregnant females: Eugenia and Brownie and 3 goat kids: Pandora, Grock and Baxter! We were busy, 3 small pet goats is NOTHING like a herd of goats. In 2010 our second child joined us, now we were set and excited! We closed our roadside stand, added goat meat to our market offerings, our herd grew to 14 goats, we were naturals! In 2012, in the chaos of learning how to breed, raise, milk and care for goats, grow enough food for our family and develop our business at the farmers market while maintaining a home with 2 very young children, we officially became Mayhem Hollow Organic Farm!