Our Summer Farm Camp


2018 Registration is OPEN !!!!

We will run for 7 weeks this Summer, Starting Monday June 18th!

To reserve your child’s spot please fill out the application below.


Camp is offered Monday – Friday 8am – 1pm  or  Monday 8am – 5pm 

Limited Part-time weeks are available upon request.

We accept children ages 3-12 

Limited spaces for younger Sweet Chickadee children available.

All campers must be potty trained. Exceptions will be made with approval by the director. 


Our Summer Farm camp is designed to enrich every child’s innate desires to be outside connecting to nature, to be social connecting to others and to be an independent, empowered individual connecting to their successes!  We offer children the opportunity to deepen their relationship to nature, friends and their own capabilities through all of our daily activities with caring, enthusiastic guidance from our incredible, authentic, devoted staff. 

We spend the entire day outside every day!  Children will have fun, rich days full of:  

Free Play- play structure, sandbox, wood forts, balance beams, zip line, swings; 

Gardening- planting, digging, composting, harvesting, watering, weeding;

Farm chores- petting and feeding goats, collecting chicken eggs, holding chicks;

Nourishment- baking bread, community games, storytelling, singing, helping others;

Projects- arts & crafts, painting, nature art, building, projects come home on Fridays. 

Typically on Thursdays we have a field trip day to Moreau State Park. Pick up and drop off is at Moreau- we do not transport campers-  we have a designated pick up and drop off location, and there is no extra fee. Depending on enrollment we will keep you posed if this is an option for this summer.

This Summer Farm Camp offers a summer of wonder, fun, purpose and love where children create experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime!

We can’t wait to see you!!!


Weekly cost – Half day $250. or  Full day $350.

This includes all project supplies and all food. A 20% discount is offered to siblings

Our food is delicious, nutritious, ALL ORGANIC, vegetarian and homemade daily. Our menu is a weekly menu that offers protein, grains, fruits and vegetables every day. There is no sugar, flavoring, coloring or boxed mixes in our kitchen. We provide a hearty lunch, 2 kid loved snacks and frozen juice pops everyday. Allergies will be accommodated. Half day children will have 1 snack and lunch with us. 




Week #1 –  6/18 – 6/22     *Sweet Dirt*         Ages 3-12

This week we will be gardening and creating mini gardens that the children will take home at the end of the week. There’s is nothing like watching flowers and vegetables grow that you’ve planted yourself! 


Week #2 –  6/25 – 6/29     *Sweet Air*           Ages 3-12

This week we will be making things that hang to enhance your homes, gardens and yards. Children love to see their camp projects on display and beautifying their home environments! 


Week #3 –  7/2 – 7/6        *Sweet Balance*    Ages 3-12

This week is a brand new offering! We will be making things that support balance in our feet and hands. We will be building our skills throughout the week and your children may just practice the rest of summer!


Week #4 –  7/9 – 7/13      *Sweet Branch*     Ages 3-12

This week children will be designing and personalizing their own trusty walking stick! Whether hiking mountains, on a nature walk or in the backyard on an adventure – children love using walking sticks!


Week #5 – 7/16 – 7/20     *Sweet Wildlife*     Ages 3-12

This week we will be creating feeders and decorating them with materials we find in nature. Having the opportunity to feed animals is a wonderful way to keep a child’s connection with nature strong. 


Week #6 – 7/23 – 7/27     *Sweet Rock*          Ages 3-12

This week we explore the many things we can do with rocks. Like Finding, Building, glueing and painting to name a few. Sometimes the fairies and gnomes come to visit camp this week…..shhhhhhhhh………..


Week #7 –  7/30 – 8/3      *Sweet Harvest*      Ages 3-12

This week will be yummy! We will be harvesting, cooking and eating out of our garden this week. Creating meals, cooking outside and enjoying the fruits of our labor (literally), we are sure to have a delicious time!


Mark your calendars for our END OF SUMMER CAMP BONFIRE! Friday, August 3rd 4-6pm

All campers and camp alumni are invited. Families and siblings are invited too! We will have snacks, s’mores, entertainment and fun! Please RSVP if you are coming and how many you are bringing. 


We’re looking forward to a FANTASTIC summer season!


For more information:
Please email J’Mae Shemroske, sweetchickadeeschool@gmail.com