Sweet Chickadee School



We are so glad you are here and interested in our offerings!

Sweet Chickadee School is our small “Homestead at the outskirts” of Saratoga Springs, NY. We are 3 miles from downtown.  Besides hosting our businesses, this homestead is our creation and passion, its where we became a family and are raising our children, its where we are expressing our devotion to the earth and nature while progressing towards self-sufficiency and harmony. We invite you here.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up a visit.

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J’Mae Shemroske, Director/Owner

J’Mae has an A.A in Natural Resource Management, a  B.A in Outdoor Leadership and a LifeWays Early Childhood Teaching Certification. J’Mae is a Yoga Teacher and a Kripalu trained YogaDance Instructor. J’Mae is a Doula/Childbirth Assistant, has two of her own children and is currently working on her M.A in Education.